Product Information

Find one of our mascots Giselle in the collection “Les filles”, she will take you to our universe of freedom.

Logo “Les filles” Giselle.

And for that our products are made with a fabric meeting oeko-tex standards, 100% Cotton. Covered by a waterproof layer which is bisphenol-free, acid-free, solvent-free, odorless and made in France.

Pouch 9cm x 12cm (S)
Type : Cotton twill

We trying our best for making good products with less ecological impact, it’s a small step but also a big one if we want to preserve our planet and still be fashionable. So why don’t you start with us ?

All our products are made by us in France.



0,025 公斤


9 × 12 × 0,5 厘米