Product Information

The collection “Original” is about a new start and a begining . Let’s build a better world ecologically speaking.

And for that our products are made with a fabric meeting oeko-tex standards and are 100% Cotton. Covered by a waterproof layer which is bisphenol-free, acid-free, solvent-free, odorless and made in France.

Pouch 9cm x 12cm (S)
Type : Cotton twill

We trying our best for making good products with less ecological impact, it’s a small step but also a big one if we want to preserve our planet and still be fashionable. So why don’t you start with us ?

All our products are made by us in France.
One product of the original collection purchased = a planted tree



0,025 公斤


9 × 12 × 0,5 厘米